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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Are Your Previous Tenants Clinging to Your Alma Rental Property?

Stack of Labeled Boxes for Tenants Who are Moving Out of Your Alma Rental Property

Moving out of a rental home can be stressful for renters. They may still feel connected to the property after they turn in the keys, especially if they have lived there for several years. If they haven’t dealt with the move well, tenants may try to take advantage of their prior occupancy by storing personal items on your Alma property, coming back to pick up their mail, or even continuing to access the internet.

Some renters think that that they can revisit the property to finish a few tasks or use amenities they used to enjoy, but once they give the keys back to the property owner or property management company, the former tenant no longer has rights to the rental property. If they do try to access the property or any amenities on the property, they are trespassing and violating the law.

As a property owner, you should ensure your tenants understand this concept. Tenants may not know that property owners and property management professionals need access to the property after a renter moves out to assess the status of the home and prepare for the new tenant. They also may not understand that handing in their keys means they have given up their right to possession of the rental property and the right to personal property left at the home.

Encouraging your renters to understand how to plan for and accomplish their move-out process well in advance is an integral part of a successful rental process. Offering guidance for moving out, such as providing a checklist of required tasks, may go a long way toward helping your tenants complete the move-out correctly. Tenants should also know that move-out tasks like forwarding mail, moving out all possessions, and cleaning the property need to be completed before the final exchange of keys. It is also essential to explain that admittance to the property and all amenities is no longer allowed.

These conversations are our specialty at Real Property Management River Valley. Our property management professionals can carry out the move-out process from start to finish, ensuring that your tenants have the knowledge they need to surrender the property when they hand over the keys. For more information about how our Alma property management services can help you, contact us online or call us at 479-242-0791.