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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Hypochondriacal Tenants and the Case of the Mysterious Complaints in Barling

Barling Property Manager Shaking the Hands of Happy TenantsAs a Barling property owner, you may have already gone through one of the more challenging components of the job: the extremely demanding renters. While tenant complaints should be focused in a productive and professional method, you could come across a renter who looks to voice complaints nearly anything, making about nonstop, maybe even unreasonable requests. If these complaints are all connected to health problems, your tenant may be a hypochondriac, also known as someone who goes through illness anxiety.

A person with hypochondria is someone who experiences obsessive and negative thoughts about their own health. They normally have various worries, do a lot of reading and research on health-related scenarios, and may believe their environment is risky or harmful to their health. Many of their excessive or unreasonable complaints may come from these behaviors and fears.

Dealing with a hypochondriac can be a challenging job; they have a hard time controlling their own urges and may seek continual assurance about any number of things, which often takes the form of a complaint. They may consistently ask you to check things for them, trying to acquire you as a sort of coping mechanism for their anxieties.

The right thing to do when negotiating with a tenant who experiences from illness anxiety is first, to assure that the home they have rented is properly maintained. Then, it’s important to agree upon (and follow consistently) firm guidelines about when, where, and how frequently they can contact you. To manage repair requests and other complaints, it’s a good idea to get everything from your renter in writing. This helps by building a paper trail of each complaint (and your response) in the event of a dispute and may even curtail on the number of demands they create.

Although difficult at times, it’s crucial to stay courteous and professional and to remember that you are not required to come racing every time your tenant asks. As long as you are confident the Barling rental property is being regularly and properly maintained, it’s best to calm the renter down and let them know you will deal with the situation, but depending on what it is, that you will most likely take care of it at a later date. Also, you may need to remind the tenant about any relevant lease terms, particularly those that spell out which responsibilities belong to the resident and which belong to the property owner to avoid any false expectations or confusion.

Handling difficult tenants can be one of the least delightful parts of a landholder’s job. Why not let the professional property managers at Real Property Management River Valley administer it for you? We will assure that your property is regularly maintained to help alleviate any concerns. We will also manage tenant complaints, clarify and set lease terms, and handle communication between you and your renters in a professional and timely manner. Thus, we’ll let you free to emphasize other things. Would you like to know more about how we can assist you? Please contact us online or call us at 479-242-0791 for more information.