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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Owner or Renter, Things to Look For When Finding a New Place To Live

Whether someone is an owner or a renter, nearly everyone has a horror story to tell when it comes to rental properties. There are the famous ones about the renter from hell who wouldn’t pay his rent but was still demanding. Then there’s the landlord who makes tall promises that everything is in perfect order, but when discovered otherwise, nothing gets fixed. Fortunately, a lot of problems on both sides could be avoided by asking the right questions. Here are just a few of the most important.

1. Find out about the area. Is it near a hospital? Churches, schools, shopping, and other features? What about crime in the in the area?

2. Find out about pets. If a landlord is adamant about “no pet,” and you don’t have the heart to send Fido packing, you better look somewhere else.

3. Check out the appliances. If there are appliances included in the deal, make sure to note their condition before you sign the paperwork. Make sure to note also an inventory of what is there and what is not.

4. Check the plumbing. It’s a good idea to make sure that you have good water pressure, and those other elements of good plumbing are there.

5. Check the square footage. Checking the square footage of a rental is important when deciding if you have the furniture for it, or if it’s enough to house your family.

6. Check on painting. Check to see if the landlord will repaint before you move in. It’s always nice to start fresh.

7. What utilities, if any, are included? Make sure you know up front what the landlord will pay and what is your responsibility.

8. Find out about a release clause. Make sure that you are not locked into a lease that you can’t get out of under certain circumstances. For example, if the size of a place is perfect until you learn that she’s now “expecting,” it’s good to know that you can find something else.

Paying you rent is a financial commitment just like anything else. It’s for this reason that you have a right to ask questions about what you will receive for your money. You also have the right to receive honest and forthright answers to your questions. At Real Property Management, we want you to be thoroughly pleased with the property that you rent. We are committed to giving you the answers you need.

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