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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Preventing Do-It-Yourself “Improvements” Gone Wrong at Your Van Buren Rental Property

Van Buren Tenants Making Messes While Renovating Your Rental PropertyDo-it-yourself home improvements have become the talk of the town nowadays. Reality shows and social media have also encouraged all kinds of individuals to try and remodel or repair the interior of their homes unassisted. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm isn’t just desired by homeowners, but among renters too. Even though landlords would favor a tenant who will take care of their rental home as if it were their own, certain renters have gone overboard. With some proactive steps, Van Buren property owners can prevent unwanted tenant “improvements” and keep their rental homes in excellent form.

When it comes to crafting home improvements, the kitchen and bathroom are the standard aims. Thousands of popular videos present passionate do-it-yourselfers how to decorate cabinets, modify faucets and hardware, and swap light fixtures. Improvements in these rooms also contain tile backsplashes and brightly painted walls. When accomplished appropriately, these forms of minor remodels can give rise to unique interior spaces.

The trouble is that these interiors don’t contribute to your property’s value at all. In reality, if your tenant does an inferior DIY job, your property value could go downhill. For instance, if your tenant elects to apply wallpaper in their living room, they could not only spoil the painted surface underneath but also make a wall-to-wall mess that will be pricey to fix.

Because taste in decor varies, individualized interiors can also gravely confine your capability to lease the home to a fresh tenant. An accentuated wall in fuchsia may fascinate your current renter, but other tenants may not find it attractive. On the other hand, if your tenant injures themselves or wrecks the household’s plumbing or electrical systems in the operation, that produces an utterly new set of predicaments. If they manage to crack a pipe or incorrectly connect the fitting while tweaking a bathroom faucet, you may be tidying up leaks and water damage that otherwise would not have materialized.

Although insignificant upkeep assignments can and should be anticipated of a renter, fixes or the remodeling of any of the home’s permanent house fixtures must be discouraged in the lease. One more advisable scheme is to do regular property evaluations, something that Real Property Management River Valley proposes to all of our property owners in Van Buren and the surrounding areas. We will keep an eye on your rental home while making sure the tenant is keeping the property in a suitable condition and instantaneously conducting any tenant requests for improvements or revamps. Contact us online or call us at 479-242-0791 to see what we can do for you.