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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Avoid Vandalism and Protect Your Rental Property in Bentonville

Bentonville Rental Property with a Broken-In Door and WindowsVandalism is a crime that property owners have to attend to regularly. Criminals in Bentonville would deface residential properties in the area and the neighboring places. In fact, roughly 15% of American homes are targeted by vandals each year. Vandalism, such as graffiti and smashed mailboxes, can cause expensive damage to a rental home. On top of that, it also breaks a tenant’s sense of security and community spirit, not even counting the potential detriment of property values. Because of these reasons, preventing vandalism should be given priority for landlords and property owners alike.

One of the solutions to block vandalism is to install and maintain good exterior lighting. Vandals do their dirty work where no one can see them, and that’s why they usually target places that aren’t well lit. Tenants would find motion sensor lights to be a really effective solution that is also energy-efficient, something they would surely appreciate.

If your rental property has fences, an effective way to deter vandalism is by placing a secure gate that locks on your fences. Vandals usually seek out easy targets, so if they’re forced to smash through a locked gate or scale over a fence just to reach their target, they’d probably prefer to move right along. This simple thing goes a long way to ensuring that they keep off your property.

As a natural deterrent, think about planting bushes or shrubs with rough bark, thorns, or pointy leaves all around the property. The additional greenery will make your property look better while also being a painful challenge to any unwanted visitors trying to get too close to your home.

It may seem peculiar, but choosing the right kind of window coverings help discourage vandals from coming as well. Vandalism is a crime of opportunity; they usually target houses that look empty. If you see to it that your windows are covered with blinds or drapes, it will make them doubt their decision because now they’re not sure whether there’s a person in the house or not. You can double-down on this technique by also leaving a light or two switched on. It just might persuade them to go for a different, easier target.

If vandals do strike, it’s of vital importance to swiftly remove any vandalism such as graffiti from the premises. These sorts of ne’er-do-wells enjoy having their handiwork seen and fussed over. If the defacement to your property isn’t quickly fixed, they could feel stirred up to go back and produce an even bigger, “better” mess. You can strongly discourage any vandals from returning by painting over graffiti, repairing broken glass, and by addressing any further damage right away.

By paying attention to these pointers, you can prevent your Bentonville rental homes from being an accessible target for vandals. At Real Property Management River Valley, we have full-service property management including monitoring your properties on a regular basis. We also arrange for repairs and maintenance in case anything goes wrong. If you would like to know more about home safety, please contact us online or ring us at 479-242-0791 today.